My post yesterday, wasn't that great or spectacular, but it was just an introducing post!
Today I'm going to tell you more about me, read on, if you want to know more about me!

Like I said yesterday I love to listen to music, I love to read books and I love to watch series and films!
But most of you are probably wondering why I'm making this blog...
Well a few years ago I got bullied, like really bad and some days I'm still struggling with the fact that some people didn't do anything to stop it. So this is a way to get some feelings and emotions out.
I'm not really a party person, so I don't have much friends. But I have enough friends, although sometimes I want some more friends and I want to not care about what other people think! But sadly enough I can't I've always been a person who cared about what other people think about me.
I'm not really happy with how I look either, so I'm going to follow WeightWatchers starting this Monday! I'm going to try to post something about it every day, you never know you guys might get inspirated.
So this blog can get emotional, it can get funny, it can be everything! so stay tuned for a new post!
I'll try to post a new post tomorrow. In the next post I'll describe how I look in a fun way!

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